Lake Charles Kingdom Riders recognized as “FIRST EVER” CBL team in the city

Lake Charles Kingdom Riders recognized as FIRST EVER CBL team in the city – Jan 13, 2014 

The Central Basketball League has recognized Mrs. Nessie Drake and the Lake City Kingdom Riders as the very first minor-league professional basketball team to be established in the Lake Charles area in Louisiana. “This is a great feat for the city and the community as the team will bring solidarity and consistency with professional basketball players” said CEO Benjamin Mireles. This team is apart of 9 other teams in the Eastern Conference from Kansas City, Memphis, Indiana, Libertyville Vipers and several other teams in Louisiana and Texas. “The Central Basketball League id the outlet for these players to be seen” said Owner Nessie Drake. “We are moving up in the minor-league basketball profession as the CBL brings more consistency and promise to the players and teams”. The league is set up in a NBA style format that allows these players to understand the value of professional basketball and not just putting a league together to let guys play. This league has become the fastest growing minor-league basketball league in the US growing from 0 teams in November when the league was purchased to 19 teams. the league schedule begins today January 13, 2014 and season begins in April. 

To contact Mrs Drake and the Lake Charles Kingdom Riders:

Phone: 337-502-8990

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