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Spartans clash with Finest and seal a 110-91 victory.

Spartans win a great game last night 110-91 against the Fort Pierce Finest. The Spartans had strong showing from all the Spartans. Lorne Merthie (30pts 7ast), Daryl Foster (16pts 4 reb), Jeremy Daniels (7pts 7 reb, 4 blks), Terrance Stevens (4 pts, 6 reb) and Jeremy Watson (22pts 14 reb) for his first double-double of the season and came out big for the team helping build a 26 point lead in the first quarter. The bench played a big role in this game as everyone including Manny Acosta, Vaghn Daily, Ej Taylor, Shoquan Stevens, Prentice Smalls and Andre McFarland continued the momentum holding the team to the lead. Except in the 2nd and early in the 3rd quarter when the Fort Pierce Finest made a 20-6 run to drop the lead to 6. The Spartans did lose the focus as they increased the lead back to 15 by the end of the third. “It was good to see these guys play together and have fun” said coach Mireles. “We still lacked on defense in the 2 quarters and we need to know we must play for 4 quarters to keep the wins coming and will get back to Tuesday”. The team will get ready for the Tampa Bay Saints here at home on Sat April 26. Come on out and support your South Florida Spartans.

Pelicans hang on to 112-108 win after losing 19 point lead to Spartans.


Great game last night in Winter Park, Fl as the Palm Beach Pelicans overcame a comeback by the South Florida Spartans after losing a 19 point lead in the second half with a 112-108 win. The Pelicans led for the entire first half and taking the lead up to 19 in the second half. Pelicans being lead by TT Hall had 23 of his 32 points in the second half. The Spartans had a different agenda in mind while coming back with a strong showing from Lorne Merthie who had 15 of his 20 points and Daryl Foster with 13 of his 15 points in the second half to spark the team and tie the score at 100 with less than 4 minutes remaining in the game. The Spartans lost its spark when they could not make crucial free throws in the fourth quarter. “We have always said free-throws wins games and tonight proved to be a difference in the game” said Coach Mireles. Spartans shot 27-38 from the stripe while the Pelicans shot 41-55. This game was a tough one to swallow as both teams struggled with defense in the first game with NBA RULES and went to the line 93 times in this game. This was a great game overall and both teams played hard. The talent was great with both teams having 5 players each scoring in double figures and being a great game to watch. These two teams have built an I-4 Rivalry and the Spartan fans were amazing in the gym and had a great look for a great start to the season. “I feel our guys need to work on understanding this is a team effort and if you don’t believe in your teammates, then it will be hard to win the game” said Coach Mireles. “We are still learning as a team and will continue to grow through failures but only get stronger as an organization when you can put the right pieces in place”. 

Next Game:
South Florida Spartans vs Fort Pierce Royals (Winter Park, Fl 6pm)
Sat April 19, 2014 
Palm Beach Pelicans vs Panama City Dream (Panama City, Fl 3pm)
Sun April 20, 2014

CBL announces positive and exciting changes right before season

Basketball ExposureThe Central Basketball League is proud to announce changes that will define this league as a professional minor league  from others and would like to build an image of security and professionalism for athletes across the world. The CBL would like to announce that it is changing its logo and adding the word “Developmental” to the name it currently has. The League will be called the Central Basketball Developmental League (CBDL) “We want people to see this league for what it stands for, not just another random league formed to play in” said CEO Benjamin Mireles. “All of our teams have worked to hard to get this far to fail our players and we are going to ensure that our league represents professionalism, respect to the game, and positive players who understand the amount of work that it will take to get them to the next level of their career”. The league is determined to let people know that many players need a team to develop (not just play), to feel secure (not promised things), and to work hard (players work for what they want and know its not going to be given to them). There are over 4000 minor-league athletes in the nation and many find themselves in the same spot making some random pay check but never going anywhere. The league wants to ensure that the direction of its model will continue to build respectably and without giving players false hopes a dreams and offer reality to the players about how long they have left to respectably be looked at. This league will not be branded as RECREATIONAL and be secured as minor-league professional basketball with training and development for all players from the court to the classroom.   

Spartans post stats for March 23, 2014


TEAM TOTALS – SPARTANS 107- PELICANS 106 Preseason vs Pelicans

36-69 2pt 51% / 5-33 3pt 15% / 24-39FT 62% / 40reb / 15asst / 10ast / 4blk/ 11 TO

Lorne Merthie – 31pts / 13-26fg 50% / 6ast / 3 st / 3TO
EJ Taylor – 10pts / 4-6fg 71% / 4 reb / 2 ast
Rashaud Simmons – 2pts / 1-4fg 25% 
Jeremy Daniels – 4pts / 2-5fg 30%
Geovanni Rivera – 0pts / 0-2fg 0%
Daryl Foster – 3pts / 1-8fg 15% / 4TO
Muhammad Sy – 4pts / 2-3fg 67% / 2st /1reb
Shoquan Stevens – 2pts / 1-6fg 22% / 1 st / 1 blk
Brian Wright – 7pts / 2-2fg 100% / 3-4ft / 2st
Jeremy Watson – 17pts / 8-25fg 31% / 15reb / 1blks
Andre McFarland – 2pts / 1-7fg 18% 
Mark St Forte – 25pts / 6-8fg 78% / 12-13FT / 6reb / 2ast
Terrance Stevens – 0pts / 0-1fg 0%

Spartans win over Pelicans 107-106 when league finds stats were not upheld by official in 4th Quarter.

The Central Basketball League is serious when it comes to making sure these players get every bit of what they deserve because they work hard on the floor and know that other leagues will not step up to defend these players or its teams. The CBL has recently reviewed the incidents and the official book for the Spartans vs Pelicans match-up on March 23rd game. The league would like to apologize to its players for the Pelicans and the Spartans organizations as it is our duty to maintain that the league holds all parties from owners, coaches, players and officials accountable for any wrong doing within our league and its guidelines. Therefore, the league has decided that it will contact its director of officials to discuss the decision made by the CEO (Benjamin Mireles) of the league to over-rule the official ruling of the 105-101 final score in last nights match-up.
Statement from CEO Benjamin Mireles:
“This score for both teams were wrong in the official book and should have been addressed by the officials as both sides were in discrepancy over the book totals in the fourth quarter. The official did not want to go by the official book at the time which is NOT allowed in this league. To have an 8 point difference is not acceptable at all. I do put the final score on the officials as it is their job to make sure the score is correct. The ruling was “not to use the official book” for the score at the time and put our teams and the players in jeopardy of missing out on credible stats and overall outcome of a game which assist in marketing these players and teams respectably to sponsors, scouts, agents, and local businesses. We have made this decision because it would have cost players and the teams on both sides. Although this was a preseason game, we continue to hold the highest standards to our officiating crew and found that a decision on the floor was not correct by the guidelines in any league and the officials ruling will be discredited for that decision”. 
After reviewing the book, the final score in the official book is 107-106 SPARTANS OVER THE PELICANS which will be the FINAL SCORE. The stats in this game is what the CBL are most concerned about for the players but as the deciding factor for the overall game, they have said they will address it to the officials as it is their job to make sure the official scoring book was correct. “This is what our league stands for” said CEO Benajmin Mireles. “This league is here to maintain professionalism and respectability for our players and that is what we have decided to do with making sure this game has complete stats which were counted and that the overall score based on the officials call, WILL NOT cost players their regulated stats in the game that was played.”

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2014 League Standings

Eastern Conference


Palm Beach Pelicans


Ft. Pierce Royals

Tampa Bay Saints 0-0
 Panama City Dream 0-0

Martin County Slammers


South Florida Spartans



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