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CBDL Gains Attention from Teams and Focuses on Players

Attention ALL Fans, Players, and Teams:

The CBDL is looking for qualified teams and respectable players looking to make an impact on the industry of minor-league professional basketball. The league has been developed to encourage players to strive for their dream of playing professional basketball overseas, in the NBA-Development League, and even the NBA which of course in reality is a stretch but you never know what kind of players you can find. “Its important to realize that the quality of a player is more suitable to advance in their careers rather than a player who just has the skill” says Coach Mireles. “The goals here in this league is to establish teams in areas where players can thrive and be recognized for their level of play and their contributions off the floor within the communities in which they live”. The league wants to establish itself as one of the elite leagues to participate in as it focuses on the exposure points and training and development of the players and not necessarily the financial gain it can have from the production of the teams. “The league is built to succeed and not to fail as our protocols and policies are similar in detail for the NBA” said Commissioner Sanders. “We want only the teams ready to play at a high level and team owners financially able to support their teams because we are pushing for continuous basketball for 7 months a year for these players to offer more exposure and its up to the teams to assist with helping these players get those looks”. 
The CBDL currently has partnerships in place with WBAD RADIO, POINT STREAK STATS PROGRAM, and currently looking in negotiation with several apparel companies, production companies, and looking to discuss the brand of the CBDL nationally. They also will obligate all the teams to have Play by Play Announcers, Instant Replay, and several other programs in place for all teams to be able to establish solid partnerships/sponsorship with local companies to assist in revenue and marketing for their teams. “We want the attention for our teams and are getting it” said Commissioner Sanders. “We cannot please everyone and know we have a lot of leagues out here trying to form or have been formed who play with modified rules, do not offer solid exposure and literally offer what everyone calls a “traveling recreational basketball league”. The league is not here to compete with D-League in any way as it looks to gain respectable attention from the the overseas markets and the D-League so that the players have another outlet to go to if they are unable to be picked up at those levels at that time. Once again the league is here to offer training and development of not only individual skill sets, but offer the teaching of the industry and to show them what it takes to be a professional while being a basketball player and being apart of their community and the youth in their areas. This should be an interesting season as we look forward to seeing what teams decide this is a great place to play and the great players that have already looked into this league for an opportunity to play under the NBA scale. 

Teams currently looking into the league are in the following cities: TEXAS (Brennan, Austin, San Antonio. Dallas, Houston), NEW MEXICO (Albuquerque), Oklahoma (Oklahoma City), Arkansas, MISSOURI (St. Louis, Kansas City), FLORIDA (Panama City, Tampa Bay, Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Port St. Lucie, Jacksonville) Georgia (Atlanta, Macon), North Carolina (Raleigh), New York, New Jersey, Virginia, Rhode Island, and even Pennsylvania. 

CBDL Sports News

Spartans Head Coach on Double S Xpress Sports Radio

The Central Basketball Development League is proud to announce that the South Florida Spartans Head Coach (Benjamin Mireles) was on the Double S Express Radio Show last night at 10:20pm. He was asked about the league, the development of the league and the direction in which has been going. He also was asked his personal experience as a coach and participating at the Global Basketball Summer League this past weekend in Las Vegas. The league is getting more and more recognition for its direction as it continues to use the NBA Rules, Regulations, and Policies as well as the NBA Playoff Format. Feel free to listen to the sports show athttp://www.bbsradio.com/content/talk-show-episode-double-double-s-xpress-july-14-2014 . 

CBDL Sports News

CBDL in negotiations with Apparel companies for League Wide Contract

The CBDL currently in discussions with several apparel companies to provide ALL apparel and promotional products for the teams in the league.”It is clear that this league is looking for uniformity and looking for teams wanting to be professional” said Commissioner Sanders. “We are looking for the best apparel partner to provide the services needed to ALL our teams as this league looks to promote and market quality and pforessionalism not just random teams with some players”. The league invests many of its own finances and time into providing the best services for its teams and has already contracted with WBAD Radio (Which each team will its own 24hr 7 day a week station) and Point Streak Stats (Which will provide All Stats and Player Information before, after, and even “live” stats during the game.

CBDL Sports News

Coach Mireles invited to coach in GBSL in Las Vegas.

The CBDL has announced that the Head Coach of the South Florida Spartans has been invited to coach and have his team (first 10 players to sign up) participate against several international teams at the Global Basketball Summer League in Las Vegas on July 7-10. Film crews, Live stats, professional scouts, international coaches, NBA, D-League, and Overseas agents, scouts and coaches will also be present. “Its a great opportunity for our players to get their exposure and to get what they came here for” said Coach Mireles. “Many of our players have worked hard to get this opportunity and Im glad to have been able to give this chance to them with the help of the GBSL”. The league is happy to see one of its own coaches still promoting and marketing players even through the off-season and working hard to build relationships worldwide and nationwide to increase recognition for their team and the CBDL. Congratulations and good luck to the Spartans Organization and Coach Mireles.

CBDL Sports News

CBDL continues building interest from teams and players

The league is proud to announce it is currently in negotiation with teams in the following areas: NY, NJ, Pennsylvaina, Pittburgh, RI, Virgina, Tx, Missouri, SC, NC, FL, NM, OK, and even AL. The CBDL continues to look for teams who are SERIOUS PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS looking to participate in the 2015 season with an NBA standard formatt with rules and regulations along with playoffs beginning in April. All teams will be in uniformed fashion for the season and will have everything the next team will have within the league rules and policies through contracted services. Please contact the league for further questions if your a team or player interested in participating in the league.


CBDL Sports News

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