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CBDL announces it is now on Twitter

The CBDL has also announced it has joined Twitter. “We want to be close to our fans and players and what better way than to be on social media” said Commissioner Sanders. “We want all our fans and followers to join us on twitter as well”. You can reach out and follow the league @CBDL2015

Houston announces hiring of GM / Intern Head Coach

The Horned Frogs have hired and have come to terms with General Manager and Intern Head Coach, Jonathan Harps
Jonathan lead the Houston Frogs to there first win and franchise history when they competed against HCC. Jonathan has spent the last few years coaching AAU Organizations in the Houston Region and would like to continue his career and begin learning about the minor-league industry and its players. “Im really interested in bringing a title to Houston and I would like to find those quality players who can build together not only on the court but off it as well” said Harps. “Its important for us to build relationships with our community and local businesses and find athletes that can represent not only our team but the city as well. To contact the GM and ask about tryouts or other information, you may do so below:

Jonathan Harps

CBDL adds to Midwest Division agreeing to terms with Houston Horned Frogs

The Central Basketball Development League has announced another addition to the Midwest division. The league has come to terms with the Houston Horned Frogs professional basketball organization.
Bernard Hutchins is the Owner and founder of the Houston Horned Frogs. Bernard is an proud Houston native who spent the majority of his young life helping others. He attended school at Trinity Valley Junior College, in Athens Texas and than pursued his chasing his dream of one day owning his own company. “This is definitely the league designed for success and built to allow teams to be successful and players to advance” said Hutchins. He has partnered with a big sports fan in Ivory Burnley. Mr. Burnley has always being a huge baseball fan but when the chance presented itself to himself and Bernard to began their own team ivory took his chances and it paid off. “I see plenty of opportunity here in the CBDL” said Mr. Burnley. “With the structure and discipline within this league and direction in which exposure is a priority here, I felt this would be a great opportunity for our players to be successful and recognized.
The league continues to look for elite ownership groups who are looking to expand the exposure opportunities in their area and know this will be a great addition to an already competitive division. “We feel this team will become an elite team as they are looking to grow every year in their area” said Commissioner Sanders. “They will make a big impact in their community and know that any player who chooses to play there, will definitely get the training needed”.

To contact the team and find out about tryouts, you may contact:
Bernard Hutchins / Ivory Burnley
281-662-9244 / 832-523-2884

All league information also on national and international site (usbasket.com)

The CBDL announces all its information is also located on usbasket.com. This is one of the largest national and international sites for minor-league basketball and the league will be updating its teams, and player personnel soon. “Its important for us to keep things updated for our teams and players and while we are in our off season, we are working on getting things updated” said Commissioner Sanders. “The league begins its 30 game season in April of 2015 but our training camps and preseason are in February and March”. The league has the following cities( with more still considering) looking to play for the 2015 season:
New Mexico, San Antonio, Houston, Brenham, Mississippi, South Florida, Palm Beach, Panama City, Atlanta, Miami, New York, New Jersey, Fort Pierce.

For more information or question on becoming a team or player:
Email: info@centralbasketballleague.com

Resurrection continue to build their organization and add Director and Conultant

The Central Basketball Development League announces the Ressurrection has added to their team staff with coming to terms with Helena Scott as Basketball Community Director and brings in some solid assistance while agreeing with Shyrell Hobson as Strength and Conditioning Consultant. These are great additions to an already solid organization looking to compete for the 2015 season. “I know Mr. Lewis is creating a strong platform for his organization with training and development being a key component to becoming a successful franchise” said Commissioner Sanders. “Mr. Lewis knows what the CBDL stands for and what this league is defined as”. The Ressurrection will continue its search to continue to build its team and still looking for players.

Contact GM Mike Lewis for questions and more information:

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