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The CBDL committed to providing NBA structure for teams and players

The Central Basketball Development League continues its direction and is happy to announce it is right on schedule for the upcoming 2015 season. “The league has all the pieces in place in order for us to be successful this up coming season as a league and even for our teams” said Commissioner Sanders. “Its very important for our teams to take notice that the steps this league is taking to prepare our players is what this league is dedicated to providing for its teams.” The CBDL has received much attention from professional athletes worldwide because of the way the leagues plan is laid out. This league will build the players like no other while teaching professional basketball and the industry. “We want to teach our players no only how to play the game professionally but how to manage contracts, money, future plan after basketball, and how to be very independent as a player, and business professional” said CEO Benjamin Mireles. “Our players understand that our direction as a league is to provide extensive training and development while providing a platform of competitive basketball throughout the nation and getting them an opportunity to be seen by respectable teams internationally, by the D-League, and even the NBA side”.

PLAYERS: Want to be invited to 2015 Summer League in Las Vegas?

The South Florida Spartans look to find SERIOUS players who will be able to make the roster and train and develop to be ready for the summer of 2015 to invite to the Summer League in Las Vegas. The Head Coach (Benjamin Mireles) plans to promote players from his team for the summer league during the season. “We know we play during the summer league and want to find players who want the chance to be recognized by several international countries” said Head Coach Mireles. This recent 2014 summer league had nearly 20 players sign with international teams. “It was a good look for many players and know this is a great opportunity for many of our guys”.

Contact Coach Mireles 727-645-9796


The CBDL to visit South Central Division this week.

The Central Basketball Development League announces it will continue its search for quality teams in the South Central Division with the CEO and Commissioner visiting Texas cities and will possibly meet with potential ownership groups in the areas. “We have been told that there are several teams in this division that are looking to participate this upcoming season” said Commissioner Sanders. “This league is only for those serious about participating in a professional manner and NOT in a recreational manner”. The league wants legitimately professional players in its league and is set to have Local TV for ALL teams in ALL areas as well as Worldwide Radio broadcast reaching out to 140+ countries with one of the elite stations in the US and having LIVE up-to-date player stats year round with one of the elite stat companies as well. “We want our teams to financially gain from playing in the industry and players to pursue a career” said CEO Benjamin Mireles. “The league has set up these partnerships for these reasons and we do not want to look like a recreational traveling league as many leagues do from what professional scouts, coaches, agents and representatives have stated to us”. The league plans to visit with other potential teams in the North East Division and Southeast Division by November 15, 2014 should other teams want to meet with the league about joining for the 2015 season.


TV DEAL COMPLETE……………The Central Basketball Development League is proud to announce it has come to terms with the Brooklyn Blackout Corporation (EVTL TV) to become the sole provider for televised games per team market. The league will have its own channel in which all teams will play on called CBDL TV on all its local televisions in each market so the teams, fans, scouts, and agents will be able to find them easily in their TV guide. “This is a great opportunity to build this league on a professional platform” said Mr. Middleton of EVTL TV. “These teams and players will truly benefit from the exposure they will have for this industry”. The league is dedicated to providing professional opportunities to its players and looking forward to building the CBDL brand in the coming years. “We are excited about this partnership and look forward ti building a brand of professional basketball” said CEO Benjamin Mireles. “This is what our teams and players need for exposure and what can help them in solidifying potential sponsorship and positive community support”. The CBDL is looking forward to offering this opportunity to its teams while being able to provide its basketball fans in all these markets a chance to watch players on their local televised channel.

To learn how to become a team in the league, email info@centralbasketballleague,com

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CBDL agrees with New Mexico Thunder to join for 2015

The CBDL announces they have agreed to terms with the New Mexico Thunder to have a team. Team owner Anthoni Garcia says that this is a league that the US has needed because it provides a better professional atmosphere for the players and the league has the services needed to build positive exposure for all the players in the league. “The CBDL is the league I want to be in because I know it will help my players get the exposure they need” said Garcia. “It will also be a benefit to our organization as it helps us provide advertising and marketing opportunities for our local sponsor and supporters” New Mexico will be added to teams in the Central Division along with Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas areas..”We look forward to having Mr. Garcia and his organization in the league as I feel it will bring additional opportunity for the talented athletes in South Central Texas” said Commissioner Sanders. The team begins tryouts in Nov. 

For More information you may contact Mr. Garcia at 505-573-5228

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